The Free Phone Search Scam – Why A Free Phone Search Isn’t!

Reverse Phone Number Lookup is a popular subject these days. For various reasons, people want to know who a phone number belongs to. Maybe they’re being troubled by nuisance calls. Maybe they want to know who their partner is exchanging text messages with. Either way, this is a hot topic! What’s also true is that like a lot of online information, people want a free phone number search. Everything on the internet should be free, right?

Let’s think briefly about free online information. It’s true, there is an absolutely vast amount of information on the public internet, freely available to anyone with an internet connection. In many cases, this information is excellent. It’s accurate, and it’s reliable. However, if you look more closely, you’ll find that there are categories of information.

There’s a lot of what I like to call “hobby and interest” information, where people with a particular interest like to share what they know, just like they would at a club meeting. This is usually the good stuff, because there’s no hidden agenda, apart from people wanting to show off what they know!

At the other end of the scale is what I call the “professional taster” information. A good example of this would be if you wanted to find out how to sue someone. There is a considerable amount of information available on this subject, but I’d bet a fair chunk of change that even if you read it all, you wouldn’t take legal proceedings without hiring a lawyer. Oh, and guess who’s giving you all the “free” information? Yep, the same lawyers who you need to hire.

Somewhere in between is another category of information, which I think of as the “slight deception” – a good example of this would be the offer of free reverse phone number lookup. What happens is a website will offer a “free” phone search, but what happens in most cases is that their free database doesn’t have the information you need. However, you’ve been lured by the offer of something for nothing, and now they can offer you their paid service.

If you need to find out who owns a phone number, then you need a reverse phone search service, but don’t waste time looking for a free one. Think about it – if you had information that people charge for, and are willing to pay for, would you give it away for free? Probably not, and nor will these websites who offer to do so. If you want accurate phone number lookup, then you will need to use a pay service. The good news is, they only charge a few dollars, so if you need to find out the owner of a phone number, do it now!