Realtors Can Get a Ton of Real Estate Leads by Using the Free Report Marketing Technique

When advertising to get more real estate leads, a good call to action will entice many more potential clients to contact you. Offering something of value will set you apart from other agents, and give you the chance to get in contact with a lot more people.

If you use the Internet at all, you have probably seen ads telling you to sign up and receive a free report. In fact, you have probably entered your email address and signed up for something like this more than once. Sometimes the free information you get is great, sometimes it is just useless. So why are people giving these reports out for free? They are building an email list to market products to. They are offering something of value to you for free, and in turn you are giving them something of value, your contact information. You are now a potential customer.

It works just the same in the real estate business. You can offer a free report on how to sell your house faster, or how to buy a foreclosure, or how first time buyers can buy a house and flip it for a profit. Whatever it is, you just need to over something of value to whatever group of people you plan to work with. You can advertise this offer online, through the newspaper, and even put riders on your signs. You can have them call a special number to get the report, or even more effective have a custom website for them to come sign up to get the report.

As your list starts building, the leads you get from it will increase as well. In fact, I just emailed a list of 170 potential buyers for one of my clients (I am a real estate sales consultant and have been building a large scale marketing campaign for this client). Within 24 hours of sending the email, he had 4 new buyers to work with. And this was only one email. After making phone calls to everyone on the list there will certainly be more sales coming from this small list.

Imagine if you were building a list of 1,000 people every month? What could your results be? This could turn in to tens of millions of extra real estate sales in a year from a low budget marketing campaign that gives away free reports.

I say it’s worth giving it a try. Many of my clients have done well with this type of marketing campaign, and you can to if you are persistent and find the right way to market this in your area.