Free Information From The Ultimate Music Success Seminar

The Ultimate Music Success Seminar will be held on November 19th, 20th, & 21st at the Grammy Museum at LA Live in the heart of Los Angeles. The point of the seminar is to give a limited number of up-and-coming music artists insights into and connections with leading professionals in the music business. The event was created by talent manager Ken Kragen who knows that it takes more than talent and drive to be a success in an industry as complicated and large as the recording and concert scene.

The Ultimate Music Success Seminar Site

The site itself contains plenty of basic facts and observations related to the pitfalls and obstacles that music performers face. You’ll find information on the industry in general, on how to qualify to attend The Ultimate Music Success Seminar and on what the seminar offers participants.

The site gives those who want to audition for the seminar the opportunity to do so, provides information related to what participants receive at the event and gives insights into the caliber of the speakers and seminar leaders.

Free Download from The Ultimate Music Success Seminar

One major free item found at The Ultimate Music Success Seminar is a download entitled 6 Secrets of Success in the Music Industry. This item, which was created by Kragen, includes powerful tools that will help you build relationships in the business, a section with insights on how to create positive buzz and methods for defining your long term and short term goals.

Learn to use The Magic of Threes to create positive attention and understand how Creating the WOW Factor can set you apart from all others. Thinking Backwards for Forward Motion shows you how your unique qualities can make you a winner, while Life is a Contact Sport is all about using your contacts in the best way possible.

There are also moral guideposts that can be found in the sections entitled How To Get Caught Telling The Truth and Doing Well By Doing Good. Kragen has found that the truth can be an important tool in your success and that good fortune is generated when performers start to give back. Both of these can create massive positive results.

To access the free information at The Ultimate Music Success Seminar website, navigate to Along with everything else mentioned in this article, you’ll find a welcome video from Kragen himself. There’s a lot of important information on the site.