Details About The Foods To Be Avoided In A Yeast Free Diet

There are plenty of foods which need to be avoided when you follow a yeast free diet. Apart from staying away from yeast, there are also some other kinds of foods that you must avoid to ensure that the diet on which you are relying are showing “the” much desired results.

Yeast grows inside human body naturally. There are plenty of micro-organisms that live in the intestinal track. The entire system becomes unbalanced with any kinds of disturbance in the gut environment. This starts as a result of some antibiotic reactions or intake of birth control pills. A yeast free diet can be particularly beneficial in this case to bring the system back on track. It also ensures that favorable conditions are not created for supporting multiplication of yeasts in the body.

Overgrowth of yeast can give rise to a number of other associated problems such as autoimmune disorders, thrush, yeast infections, fatigue pain in muscles and joints. In cases of candidiasis, yeast free diet along with some medications and anti-fungal herbs can effectively combat overgrowth of yeast.

These are three main types of foods that you must avoid:

Processed sugar can be harmful in this case. It is advisable that you stay away from incorporating processed sugar in your diet. Brown sugar, raw sugar, powdered sugar and white sugar are some kinds of processed sugar which should be completely avoided. Agave, maple syrup and honey must also be avoided. These are some of the foodstuffs which bring in you craving for sugar.

Fruits like bananas, pineapples and mangoes, dry fruits must be avoided. White rice, white potatoes and white flour are some other foods that must be avoided.

There is no place for alcohol in a yeast free diet. You must stay away from brandy, whiskey, vodka, gin, champagne, wine, rum and beer. These fermented alcoholic beverages create suitable conditions for the yeast to grow.

Last but not the least your diet must be completely free from yeast. Mostly the processed foods and canned foods are said to be rich in contents of yeast. These contain some empty calories which are not good for our overall health. Moreover, these cannot be digested easily compared to the fresh veggies and some selected fruits which are permissible in the yeast free diet.

These are some of the dos and don’ts that should be taken seriously.