Is It Possible To Perform A Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?

Is an absolutely free reverse cell phone search possible over the internet? Most people are frustrated and disillusioned with various service providers claiming to provide free services but they actually do not. Is this true for cell phone searches also?

To begin with, let’s see what exactly a reverse phone search is. Assuming that you have a landline number and that you have no idea of who was the last caller to your phone. You can take help of a reverse phone search service to learn the details of the owner of a particular unknown number. There are several sites where you would be able to search information about a number for free including toll free numbers. Instances may occur when you really have to execute a reverse phone search on a cellular number as free sites usually don’t contain such numbers. Neither do they have fax numbers as such facilities are only used by telecommunication agencies.

Though several sites claim to provide free information about cell phone numbers, they are unlikely to be so. The main reason behind this is that the cellular numbers are private property of the individuals and they cannot be distributed for free or printed in public phonebook. Thus, the free sites often redirect the searcher to a paid site. Nevertheless, as paid sites have to pay for accessing databases of cell phone companies, they charge a fee from the searcher. This is fee is charged because these service providers actually purchase the databases from the various phone carriers and compile them to provide you an extensive database. Furthermore, this database is regularly updated to ensure that it contains all the listed and unlisted numbers in the United States.

While a onetime payment usually provides access to unlimited information, you can also opt for a pay-per-search scheme. It’s worth mentioning that searches across several sites are likely to differ among themselves as they have sources information from different places. Apart from the usual bio-data of the caller, many paid reverse phone search sites also give information about police and criminal records of the subscriber, if any. The paid sites are also confidential and absolutely legitimate.

Even if free reverse cell phone search sites exist, it’s better to use the paid ones as they provide more exhaustive and comprehensive information. Besides, paid reverse phone search services usually offer a money back guarantee should they fail to retrieve your desired information.

Free Credit Report Provides Information About Financial Background

If you are rejected from getting a credit card or loan then a free credit report offered via email can help in reviewing the reason behind the rejection. These reports can provide information about the status and outstanding payments or financial obligation that includes charge accounts, credit card payments, car notes, home mortgage, utility bills and medical bills.

Such data is generally used by the credit bureaus to generate a credit score that is numeric from 300 to 850 score scale. Lenders and creditors use these credit reports while approving a loan process or lending a new credit card for it considers all important data relating to the financial background of an individual.

It is important to know what the lenders look for in the report in order to check the financial history and background. An individual’s credit score depends upon the things that they buy and have monthly payment plan which include houses, cars, mobiles, etc. If the credit score of any individual is low, the person does not qualify and if they do qualify their payment installments are high as compared to the person having good credit.

Free credit reports are the records that keep a track of the financial background of a person including major purchases, loans and other accounts. All major financial institutions take decisions of lending on the basis of the information found from the reports. Credit reports are stored, compiled and updated through Trans-Union, Experian and Equifax. Other financial institutions and agencies that offer such financial records but they can do that only after being an associate or affiliate of any of the above mentioned major agencies.

An individual receives his or her report through online source or local sources but the information that is contained in the reports are ultimately taken from any one of the above mentioned three agencies. Every person should keep a track of what is being reported in the credit report regularly.

Every person has the right to get a free credit report from the agency’s online website or making a request for getting a copy by phone or mail. The Fair Credit Reporting Act of the U.S. guarantees each citizen to get the free information to provide more accuracy and protection to every individual.

Companies and businesses acquire access of the report of consumers for completing the financial assistance request for purchasing home or creation of new accounts or renting an apartment or any other major financial decisions.

Employers can also request for an access of free credit report in order to hire new employees during the process of hiring. The information provided in the reports can determine whether a person is employed for a job or is getting security clearance for a particular position or receives a mortgage.

Apartment Rental With Bad Credit

Most people looking to rent an apartment nowadays are taken aback by the realization that the leasing office conducts a full credit and background check. In the last 10 years, this was not a very common practice. Anyone with a steady job could get a decent apartment. After 9-11, most major leasing entities began conducting background and credit checks to vet their prospective tenants. The practice has since increased and this has left many prospective tenants struggling with high deposits and sometimes even being totally denied housing.

If you have less than perfect credit, you may find that finding an apartment is quite an ordeal. You may end up being asked to pay a huge deposit or even being totally denied. The US Housing and Urban Development department estimates that a sizeable number of individuals and families risk being homeless because of this predicament.

Getting an apartment with challenged credit can be a frustrating exercise especially if you do not have the right information or know-how. Many people with less than perfect credit who are also looking for an apartment do not know how to go about it the right way. While there is free information out there that can help you on how to go about getting an apartment even with bad credit, this information rarely goes beyond the very elemental. Below are some of the things you must consider doing if you are trying to rent an apartment with bad credit:

1. Know your credit

You’ll be surprise at how many people who have challenged credit who do not know what is in the credit report. When looking to rent an apartment, check your credit report first. There are now easier ways you can obtain your credit report and one of them id free at websites such as You can also contact any of the three major credit bureaus by phone or by mail and as long as you verify your identity and your address you should be able to obtain this. One downside to these free reports is that they do not give you your score.

Knowing what is in your credit report is essential because there could be errors that are holding your score down. Knowing of the existence of these anomalies can galvanize you into action to dispute and have those errors corrected.

2. Be forthcoming

When applying for an apartment and you have bad credit it is essential that you be forthcoming. Inform the leasing manager of your situation and ask whether there is anything that they can do to help. There are apartments that will outright decline you but there are also others that will be very helpful and will try to get you in either by asking you to pay a higher deposit or requesting more information. Either way being forthright is an advantage.